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Exclusive Video Training (with GAMES)

Step by step videos showing you how to properly use and get the most from your new gadget. Including 3 games to play: Spot The Fake, The Kennedy Challenge, and Grab Bag. These videos will catapult you to recognizing the sound of real money in record speed, even if you've never heard a coin ping before.

[$7 Value]

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14 Ways to Catch A Counterfeit for Under $20

14 easy and effective ways to catch a Counterfeit at home for less than $20 a test. No fluff, just the simple How-to. 7 highly respected methods and 7 "other" mostly free, fun and useful at home methods you should at least know about. How much for peace of mind?

[$9 Value]

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The Estate Sale Cheat Sheet

Quick reference for the common markings found on Gold and Silver items and which of the imposter markings to avoid. Also included is a quick pricing guide for Constitutional Silver. Many of you will know this stuff already and for those of you that don't, this little document really will save you from embarassment and potentialy A LOT of money.

[$5 Value]

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